UIUX Case Studies: Unpacking Singapore’s Most Popular Apps from the Pandemic (Part 1: The Good)

Great UI/UX Designs during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Case Study 1: Zoom

Hatch held its first-ever Demo Day on Zoom for July 2021 Customised Immersive Batch!
You can chat with participants individually
Your interactions are guided on Zoom
Using a bright red button colour as a signal

Case Study 2: Netflix

During the lockdown in 2020, Netflix saw significant increase in traffic (a 40% rise!), given how remote work makes using the streaming site more convenient too. But even before that, Netflix has been the most popular subscription video on demand (SVoD) service here in Singapore. Aside from having a vast array of titles to choose from, there’s also many UI/UX related reasons for this!

These make my life MUCH easier
Categories on top!
I’ll see this when I remove shows I don’t want

Case Study 3: Discord

Discord is a software made for voice communication within groups of people. It started out as a platform for gamers to speak conveniently in-game, with little impact on the gaming experience. Because of its ease, Discord has become increasingly popular with various communities. Many existing servers extend beyond gaming, such as study groups, book clubs, and even communities for shows, music and so on. With screen sharing and the “enable camera’’ function being made available, companies may use it for remote communication as well. Like Zoom, many people used Discord during Circuit Breaker in 2020 to chat with friends and have fun together while gaming. It largely follows the guidelines we’ve mentioned, which explains why it’s highly favoured.

An organised interface greets you on Discord
What you hover over stands out
If you have muted, it is made apparent

Good design is invisible

Zoom, Netflix and Discord are examples that highlight how UI/UX are intricately woven into our daily lives. Each of their development teams did a great job designing with UI and UX considerations in mind.



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